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We help Technical Directors and Educators Transform Their Venues by Delivering Quality, Detailed Inspection Reports, Eliminating Surprises, and Holding Contractors Accountable for Providing Quality Work that meets OSHA, ANSI and NFPA Standards.

What we do

Rigging and Safety Inspections

Some of the thinks we assess or provide during a standard rigging inspection.

Theater Rigging Inspection - sheeve from floor
In 2014 we found this laying on a stage floor.

Some of the more common hazards we identify:

Theater Rigging Inspection - wire rope clips imperly attached

We seek out improperly installed hardware like wire rope clips.

Theater Rigging Inspection - extra wire with turnbuckle
Improper modifications

Rope, wire, and other hardware. We uncover far too much stuff entangled in the rigging system which should not be present.

Theater Rigging Inspection - wire rope on stage grid

This aircraft cable needs to be properly stored.

Theater Rigging Inspection - outlet
Hazard Identification

It's our goal to help you have the safest venue possible. We document related hazards we recognize during the normal course of our inspections.

Theater Rigging Inspection - wire rope error in loft block

It's easy to see the problem. We go a step further to mitigate the root cause.

Theater Rigging Inspection - sandbag
Wear & Tear

We often spot wear and tear on items which which can be easily replaced.

During the inspection

Some of the items we look at during an inspection include the following

Theater Rigging Inspection

Verify that operations manuals are available and accessible to system users.

Theater Rigging Inspection

Visually inspect welds for cracks and other visible defects. Most commonly we see weld's in the incorrect location.

handles of a flyrail in a theaterical counterweight rigging system - Theater Rigging Inspection
Counterweight Markings

For systems incorporating counterweight carriages/arbors, verify that the counterweights required to counterbalance the pipe/base (permanent load) are painted or otherwise visually distinct.

a headblock used in a school theater counterweight stage rigging system - Theater Rigging Inspection
Head Blocks, Loft Blocks, & Floor Blocks

Verify that all blocks are securely attached to the structure, facing the correct directions, and seated against the structure.

Theater Rigging Inspection

Verify that operational and warning signage is in place.

Theater Rigging Inspection

Verify that shackles, turnbuckles, and other rigging hardware are of the appropriate material and grade, and are secured to resist loosening.

weights on an arbor in a counterweight rigging system - Theater Rigging Inspection

For systems incorporating counterweight carriages/arbors, verify that arbor rod spreader plates and locking collars are used properly, spreader plates are properly located in weight stack, and spreader plate location labels/markings are present. We also confirm each lineset is balanced appropriately.

Theater Rigging Inspection

Inspect components for proper installation, damage, loose or missing hardware visible from accessible positions.

allowable weight chart example for a counterweight rigging system - Theater Rigging Inspection
Working Load Limits

Verify that the working load limits of the rigging systems are known and visible to the operators.

the fly rail of a theaterical stage counterweight rigging system with gaff tape and safety signage - Theater Rigging Inspection
Rope Locks & Operating Lines

For systems incorporating rope locks, verify that rope locks are functional and properly adjusted and rope lock jaws are not excessively worn. Verify operating lines are appropriate, properly terminated, and in proper operating condition.

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