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we provide detailed theater rigging inspections to help you identify risks, mitigate hazards, and remain compliant with national standards.

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Protecting Your Safety and Assets

Our ETCP Certified Theater Riggers provide detailed theater rigging inspection report to document existing conditions, recommend repairs, and provide you with the documentation you need to solicit multiple bids for any recommended repairs.


We provide the expertise to  help you determine which bid provides the best value for your performing arts center.

What We Do


We inspect theatrical rigging systems for compliance with national codes and standards.


We document current conditions, key findings, and recommendations to comply with existing codes, standards, law, and regulations.


Our reports enable you to solicit bids from multiple vendors and we help you select the best partner to bring your venue back into compliance.

Industry Standards

Some of the codes and standards we use as a basis of our inspections include the following:

OSHA 1926.1501(a)(6)

Requirement for an annual inspection by a competent person.

NFPA 701 / 705

We assess your curtains to confirm they are in compliance with NFPA requirements.


Manual counterweight rigging systems

We respond.
We show up.
We deliver.

Whenever and wherever you need us. When we show up at your facility, we check every lineset, we look at every curtain, and we document everything. 

We provide documentation with clear, concise, and accurate information to bring your venue into compliance with the current standards.

Theater Rigging Inspection torn sandbag
Many issues we uncover are quickly resolved.
Theater Rigging Inspection - Electrical outlet attached to stage rigging equipment


Our pledge is to provide accuracy and precision in our theatrical rigging inspections. With our expertise and attention to detail, we help identify hazards, ensuring neglect is never the reason you can’t find your way to compliance


We work with facilities around the country to deliver impeccable, accurate, and unified rigging inspections. You can count on us to complete a seamless report so you can feel at ease and fully prepared for the upcoming season.


We take compliance seriously, recognizing that doing our job right warrants the safety of life for your team and your guests. You can count on us to respond, show up, and deliver quality reports whenever you need us.
Theater Rigging Inspection

Multi-Site Discount

We want every space to be safe. When you schedule a high school rigging inspection we offer discounted inspections for all elementary and middle schools which feed in to that high school.

Elementary and Middle schools are often neglected during annual rigging inspections. Therefore we offer our best pricing when we inspect multiple buildings in a school district; during the same trip.
We are happy to extend the discount across multiple organizations. If there is a University, Multiple School Districts, or a nearby Performing Arts Center, we will give everyone the discount as long as the inspections can be completed during the same trip.

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We are based out of Kansas City, Missouri and can easily reach all areas of the United States.

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